**NOTE: Refund Policy & Photo Release**

  1.    Please Read Carefully:
    By signing up for and/or participating in any program/activity/league, I acknowledge that I understand and will abide by the following statements…
  2. • New Albany Parks and Recreation will provide a full credit or refund for any program or activity that is cancelled by the department.
    • No refunds will be given for customer enrollment cancellations, but a credit for the total course fee will be applied to my account if course enrollment is cancelled at least 14 days prior to the program/activity start date.
    • If I cancel course enrollment less than 14 days prior to the start date, no refunds or credits will be granted.
    • If special circumstances arise unexpectedly necessitating a last minute cancellation or change of plans, I should contact the New Albany Parks and Recreation offices to discuss my special circumstances and possible options by calling 812.949.5448 or emailing.
    • Pictures may be taken by Parks Staff for future publication, including but not limited to social media, publications, promotional materials, brochures, and other like items. I agree that the City of New Albany and New Albany Parks and Recreation has ownership of these images and may use them for any purpose consistent with the Park Department's missions. If you would not like images of you or your children published, please inform the Parks Staff in writing prior to the start of the class, activity, and/or league.

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